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The Best Gym in Vandalia


Every athlete is treated the same. Whether you were our CrossFit Games athlete or someone just out of Training Course, you will receive the same high level coaching and attention.

We are one big supportive family, both inside and outside the gym. We regard each of our members needs as if they were our own.

We are a business that invests in you! Our job is to provide you with the greatest instruction, best equipment, and all the tools necessary to better your life.

If you are interested in competing, we are happy to assist with that. It’s not a necessity, nor is it our sole focus, but we also enjoy the competitive side of CrossFit.



To our core we believe in creating a great atmosphere, which in return forges an unbreakable community. You can have the greatest programming and the greatest trainers, but if the atmosphere isn’t great you have nothing. We happen to have all three.



Our programming is all completed in house, designed by us, for us. We give our athletes the best because that’s exactly what they deserve. Nothing is random, everything is programmed with a purpose.

What we program is to improve you; to make you a better, stronger, healthier version of yourself. It is challenging but easily modifiable to your own personal skill and abilities. We believe in results and results is what we produce.

From the elite athlete or someone just starting their CrossFit journey, our gym is for you.



It’s just not something we believe in as a staff, it’s something our members believe in with all their hearts. It will be hard to find a more welcoming group of individuals who truly care about you.

They care more about your achievements more than their own. Nothing is more powerful than a group of people who share one common goal.



Our training staff always stays ahead of the learning curve. We never stop researching and testing new techniques to bring to class. We refuse to allow our athletes to become stagnant in their progression as that is unacceptable to us. We focus on proper technique, then build on top of that. Building proper movement patterns is a key element to progressing each athlete. We all have an extensive background in mobility and flexibility, which allows us to fix, and teach you to fix impingements that limit your range of motion.

Teaching Olympic lifting is a passion for each one of us. We pride ourselves on not only teaching this to our members, but teaching it right! We have spent countless hours learning and teaching these two lifts over the last several years. Olympic lifting is a staple in our programming. We have the knowledge and ability to train and program for a new weightlifter all the way to an elite weightlifter.


All of our coaches have over 3 years of experience, but we do not base our abilities on a piece of paper. It is based off the amount of time we spend learning, testing, and then applying the knowledge we gain and then passing it to our members. Our coaching styles may be different, but we all share the same philosophy, desire, and teaching points. We will never stop learning and fine tuning our craft. We will always be here for you.

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