I started CrossFit in 2012 with my sons as a means for me to get fit and for them to stay fit and improve their performance in high school sports. They had already been exposed to CrossFit but I was brand new to it. We had barely started when one of them convinced his mom (my wife, Layne) to join us and we started our CrossFit journey together as a family.

What we found was not only a way to get fit and stay fit for life, but also a family activity that has bonded us closer together. We love that every day is different with new challenges and that every movement is scalable to the level of the athlete.

We also gained a much larger family when we started at CrossFit Excess just as it opened in 2014. Some of our closest friendships have grown from our involvement here.

My desire to coach grew out of my desire to help other people. Layne and I have helped at events and many other ways around the gym, and this was just another way I could help my CrossFit family with a goal of teaching, encouraging and sharing my passion with them. I had previously enjoyed coaching the sport of wrestling and joys of helping kids succeed at learning a new skill or achieving a new level of success.

In June of 2016, I traveled to Tennessee with my wife and one of our sons to take the CF L1 Trainer’s Course and receive my certificate to train. Just like when we started back in 2012, it was a “family affair.”

I feel honored to have been given the opportunity to coach at Excess. I look forward to every class I get the opportunity to train as a chance to invest in people and spend time with my “extended” family.