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What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is exhilarating, fun, challenging, but most importantly life changing. Looking from the outside in, it can be very intimidating, especially to women. Yet, women are our most dedicated members.

Being challenged is something we take pride in at CrossFit Excess. Results are not easy, and we do not pretend that they are. CrossFit will challenge you unlike anything you have ever done. These challenges will be both physical and mental. Through these challenges, you find yourself, you find that person you want to become or maybe the person you once were. The mental challenge may be the most important reason on why you should do CrossFit. Whether you are shy, insecure, lack confidence or any combination, we understand, we truly do. Together we change that.

You may be nervous and unsure when you start, but that quickly changes to excitement and confidence. You will accomplish so many things on a weekly basis that you never thought possible. The only thing that is stopping you is YOU.

At CrossFit Excess, our programming mixes Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and body weight movements evenly. We are a well-rounded gym that embraces and excels at the Olympic lifting/weight lifting side of CrossFit. The last and most unseen part of CrossFit is the community. We become extended family from day one. We believe in each other. We push each other. We cheer for each other. We are ONE. We are CrossFit Excess.

Athlete Training Course

All new members are required to complete this course. The course will consist of 6 one hour sessions with Angie or Brody and they will go over a specific set of CrossFit movements and after detailed breakdowns of each element you will complete a workout consisting of what you learned in that session.

We require this class so you have a better understanding of the movements performed on a daily basis and for your personal safety. We know not everyone is comfortable with using a barbell, so this will smooth the transition in to barbell work.

This class will you give the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the equipment in the gym and have more one on one time with a trainer.

Classes will be offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:30pm the first two weeks of each month. Class sizes will be limited to a small group size of 6 or less so you get that important one-on-one instruction. Once you have completed your six training classes you are free to join all offered classes.

If the days of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday doesn’t work for you, that’s fine. Just contact us and well find days that work for your schedule. This also goes for the time slot of 6:30pm. We can adjust to what time will best work for you.

As owners, we love teaching the Athlete Training Course! This allows us to get to know each new member that joins our gym and it also allows us to start your new journey with you!




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